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Kolkata Beckons


An eclectic concoction of Bengal's heritage

Bengal continues to be a melting pot of cuisines it has mingled with. India’s vast history of colonizers be It the Moghul regime, the European colonizers like the Dutch, Portuguese, French or even the late arrival of the East India Company that stayed on as the British Raj. They have all had their effects on the cuisine that developed in the state of today known as West Bengal. Kolkata, being the capital, saw most of this potpourri evolve with its own spices and familiar tastes and churned it into a palette of its own. Hence Kolkata is heralded as the food capital of India and rightly so.  

Our team at Fifth Season bring to you this aromatic, delicate cuisine which uses the sentiment “less is more” in its cooking style. Savour the delicacies right from the street food to your grand mother’s favourites all under our Kolkata Beckons kitchen.  

Feast your soul with an eclectic concoction of Bengali and Mughal food with European influence.

Grandma's favourite

Luchi/kochuri, cholar dal, patishapta kheer, payesh and polao (Varieties of Breads, creppes, rice and veg gravies)


Kolkata mughlai favorites

Kabab rolls in crispy layered paratha,mughlai paratha, biryanis, champ recipes, tikka, Naans and Kulchas


Bong Indulgence

Exotics like Dab chingri prawns cooked in coconut), macher paturi (fish steamed in banana leaf with mustard), kosha mangsho (mutton baked over low flame) or simple rui macher jhol (carp fish curry).


Vegan Feast

Dhokar Dalna (lentil gram cakes in curry, Alur Dum (potatoes baked over slow flame), Char Dina (freshly made cottage cheese), Potoler dolma (green potato stuffed in cheese), dol begun (eggplant in spicy yoghurt curry and many more without the use of garlic and onion.


Sweet Ending

Bengalees don't end meal without a sweet Baked rosogolla, Mishti Doi, Pati shapta creppes, Payesh are mouth watering offerings at Kolkata Beckons.


Rare Exotics

Murgh Musallam (whole chicken stuffed with minced mutton n slow cooked for hours in rare herbs an expensive rare delicacy/ Lamb shank baked in spicy masala and served with Basanti Pulao (Elaborate cooking served on Pulao cooked with baby basmati rice/ Kumro Chingri (Deshelled prawns simmered in pumpkin with unique herbs). Menu is seasonal and subject to availability of spring chicken, small and sweet coconut.

A Journey with Bengal's traditional and modern culinary triumph at Kolkata Beckons