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Fish Traditional Meal

Fish Traditional Meal
S$ 22.90  
Items Included
Basmati Steam Rice (Bhat)
Lentil Curry Soup (Dal)
Roasted or pan fried Vegetable (Bhaja)
Fruity Jam Refresher (Chutney)
Crisp Roast bread (Papad)
Fresh Pudding (Payesh)
Fish of the day
At KB our chefs make a special fish dish of the day which pairs well with the Fry or steamed starter of the Non Veg fish meal for the day . This dish can be outside of the menu and not available as ala carte option. Enjoy the rare delicacies cooked by our chef for you today.
E.g. Doi Mach (Yoghurt based), Shorshey Rui (mustard based), Pabda Macher Jhol, Rui Macher Jhol etc
Please check with our chef or staff for the dish of the day.