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Pure Vegetarian Khichuri

Pure Vegetarian Khichuri
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Step by step cooking into broth, this is available in every State of India and highly voted to become Indian National Dish . Healthy and nutritious , Bengal version of Khichri (Khichuri ) has full of aromas. Cooked using mustard oil, this Khichuri is accompanied with all kinds of vegetable fries (Brinjal being most popular) Fish lovers have it with Ilish fry or fried Rohu fish. Omellete also is great to go with it !
Items Included
Special Baby Basmati Rice
Roasted Yellow Lentil
Roasted Pan fried Cauliflower
Peas and Potatoes
Aubergine Roasted
Fruity Jam Refresher (Chutney)
Crisp Roast bread (Papad)
Fresh Pudding (Payesh)